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  11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
  Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
  S7 2BQ.   email:


To prolong the life of your boots and achieve a high degree of water repellency, follow these instructions every time you use your boots.


Leather - Remove laces and wash boots vigorously under running water with a nylon brush. Remove all mud and don’t forget to remove stones etc from the sole unit. Occasionally refurbish with Cleaning Gel.

Fabric - As above but they may be cleaned with a small amount of soap (not detergent) or Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel.

All Boots - Don’t forget to remove insoles and any debris underneath (essential with membrane boots). To remove salt deposits, once every few months completely fill your boots with water. Leave them to soak overnight. Tip out the water and rinse out the boot. Dry as below.


Leather - Dry in a well aired place. Do not place near any heat source. If wet inside, stuff with tissue / kitchen roll and change regularly.

Fabric - As above but dry after the APPLY stage.


Leather - We recommend the following proofings : Leder-Gris, HS12,Hydrobloc , Aqueous Nikwax or Brasher Conditioning Polish.

Apply the wax sparingly (fingers are ideal) paying particular attention to the seams and tongue gusset. Make sure all wax is absorbed. Allow to dry and buff to a shine.

For a more complete treatment, finish by spraying with Grangers G Sport.

If boots become scuffed, occasionally replace the wax treatment with the application of a good quality coloured shoe polish.

When there is no time for the DRY stage, we recommend the use of Nikwax Aqueous Wax and as much subsequent drying as possible.

Fabric - If the boots are dry, use Grangers Footwear Conditioner.
If still wet, our preferred method is to apply Nikwax Fabric and Leather and then move to the DRY stage.

Nubuck - For maximum performance, we recommend nubuck or reversed leather is treated as leather. However, this will alter the appearance. If you wish to keep the nubuck finish, treat as fabric boots with Nikwax Nubuck & Suede or Grangers Footwear Conditioner.


11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
S7 2BQ   email: